It's a GOLDEN oppertunity to pass on our knowlege

The July Newsletter is online

Newsletter name ideas

  1. The Gold Digger
  2. Mohave Minutes
  3. Gold Digger Gazette
  4. Gold Digger Digest
  5. The SandboxTimes
  6. The Sandbox
  7. The Dusty Shovel
  8. Digger Digest
  9. Hidden Treasures
  10. The Picker
  11.  Desert Gold News 

About Us:

Monthly meetings

We meet the first Thursday of every month at the Kingman Community Foundation Center, on the corner of John L and Bank Streets.

How much does your club cost?

Membership is $35.00 per year, 

Membership includes your immediate family

"But I only have a shovel and a gold pan...I have no idea how to get started."

Not to worry.  The club has drywashers to loan to members free of charge.  Plus training and instructions on how to use them.  We love  to pass on our knowledge.

Club Calendar

No upcoming events.

PLease note: we will be taking pictures and videos at all our outings for the website.

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